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1 - Wilton Property of Stroud
Basic Terms:
Assured Shorthold tenancy converting to a ‘Statutory Periodic Tenancy’ after the initial period, with two months notice either way.
We regret that we do not accept pets, shared tenancies or any other arrangements likely to adversely affect the condition, proper running of the properties, and good relations with neighbours.
A national credit check will be required for successful applicants, at a cost of  only £25.
Two months rent in advance and monthly  thereafter is required.
A ‘householder’ guarantor may be necessary if credit check indicates.

The Landlord, Tony Wilton, has over 30 years experience in the business and is an ‘’accredited’ member of the National Landlords Association.  Check this. Number; 542 |  Name: A Wilton.
The terms and conditions are very much to the industry standard and based on those of  the NLA.

The aim is to provide good functional accommodation, at fair prices and establish a long term relationship with the valued client, the tenant.
Stability is of great importance to both Tenant and Landlord and to this end, rent increases, if any, are kept to reasonable increments, even in times of high inflation.

Based in the STROUD area of Gloucestershire, we have a variety of flats and cottages for rent.
All are part furnished with fitted carpets curtain rails and cookers.